Thursday, March 4, 2010

CX My Heart Ride/Cancellation Party.

February was one of those months where most non-skiing east coasters are glad it's over. I can speak for my town by saying, 50 inches of snow last month was a bit much. During my winter sports retail days, we'd be dancing a jig, pouring shots of Jager into the shot-board and fist pumping at the thought of actually turning inventory once instead of enduring another 60 degree January. My hats off to all those ski/bike shops this winter.

One victim of the snow was the second annual CX My Heart cyclocross race sponsored by Proteus Bicycles. Two snow storms, two weeks apart put the kibosh on the event real quick. In the meantime, swag was airdropped in by the troops for the winners of the event. Refusing to back down from the weather, Jill DiMauro (owner of Proteus) quickly put together a Ride and Cancellation Party for February 28th.

Jill is front in center in the foreground; blue wool long sleeve with the white panel. Those attending the event did a group cx ride/mini randonneur around College Park, MD. Every number that was attached to an entrants bike had another number handwritten on the back. This number was used in a drawing later that day, where cyclists received a predetermined race_classification_finish by drawing a ticket out of the magic Crown Royal bag. The drawn ticket netted prices from the first, second or third place pile.

Loads of goodies from Shimano (XTR pedals, full carbon CX fork, carbon handle bar), Tifosi sunglasses, nutritional products and the lovely Race Spec Pint Glasses from Proteus Bicycles and much more.

Yo caught in the act of opening up a fresh Stella. Veggie chili was the crown jewel of the fare served by Jill and Yo.

A trip to see Jill wouldn't be complete without running into a faithful Bianchi owner, or two! This little, yet mighty 44cm 2010 Volpe was pedaled in along side of an orange 2006 Bergamo which is in the background of this photo, behind the milk crate of this Volpe. I really like how the yellow fenders stand out on the bike. After all, high visibility is key when riding on the roads and the butterfly stickers on the frame and fork are made of reflective material.

Dirt Rag also kicked in a sweet wool jersey as a raffle prize. The money raised from the sale of the raffle tickets was donated to the Moveable Feast- an organization that delivers life-saving, nutritious meals to people living with HIV/Aids or breast cancer.

Like the Hawaiians, we ate and drank until we were tired. Thanks Proteus, let's go at it again next February!
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