Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mock Orange Bikes-race rigs

I payed a visit to the MOB crew back in January of this year. (sorry for the late post guys).

This year has been pretty amazing with the feedback we're receiving on the Mono-Q frame set. With it's 300GPa modulus carbon and full carbon steer/fork, it's race ready, out of the box for the 3/2 class or with it's average height head tube, comfortable enough for an old guy like myself. Please don't misconstrue 'comfort' on this B4P frame with the C2C geometry. The chain stay lengths are still shorter than the C2C platform and the MQ head tube is steeper than the C2Cs as well.

With this in mind, the Mock Orange Bikes guys ordered up an 8 pack of the Mono-Q Ultegra spec'd bikes and stripped the 2009 kits; damn that white looks good!

Here is Brad's bike, having the fit dialed in a bit more.

Shimano supplied them with the new Ultegra 6700 build kits along with the Dura-Ace carbon wheel sets. The guys are very impressed with the overall build weight of the bikes with the 6700 kits as well as the power of the newly designed brake calipers. Shifting on the front is on par with the Stiff-as-usual chain ring designs that Shimano has become well known for.

Alan Thomas Trip. MOB race member. (Hope you don't mind I stole this off your FB profile picture...anything goes when you're on my Friend List, haha!)

I love this shot as it embodies what good positioning looks like when carving a turn; carrying speed through the corner, outside pedal down with your weight dumped on it, head up looking at the exit, arms relaxed. Oh yeah! And the sweet bike he's on!

Best of legs for the season guys!
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