Monday, June 14, 2010

Audi commerciail feat. a 2010 Via Brera

I love Audi. Actually, I love VW, Audi and the whole VW AG group of vehicles.

Audi ran a commercial over the winter with the theme revolving around 'friendly competition'.
.06 seconds into the clip, there is a father and son in a garage engaged in slot car racing. The dad wins and goes for a fist pump from his not so happy_just lost the race_son and low and behold, I spy with my little eye, a coffee cream Via Brera leaning up against the work bench.

I have had my share of slot car tracks while growing up but never a set like the one in this commercial; with a Silverstone Speedway-ish tire arch. Silverstone's arch is on the back section of the course and not in a turn, but looks the part here none the less.

As for the Via Brera, I'm wishing I nabbed one when I had the chance. This bike and the Via Condotti are limited edition paint models. Most of them were pre-sold off last fall's orders and sold like hot cakes in their usual key sizes.
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