Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mono-Q, a new bottom end.

Usually when the phrase, 'a new bottom is end' is spoken, at least by my ears, I think of engine blocks. In the auto racing world, that might be in pursue of a stronger lump.

For 2010, the Mono-Q in celeste paint received a slight update to it's bottom end. In the never ending pursuit of a stiffer, faster accelerating bike, the MQ's down tube, bottom bracket and chain stays were increased in overall size.

Big Wheel Bikes was the first in my territory to take delivery of this updated rig so I hustled down there to get the details, post-build. They have three on the floor.

Here is the 2009 Mono-Q 105 bb region.

Here is the 2010 updated bb region. The down tube has a boxed '928SL bulk' to it; more laterally than before.

The front is equally sexy with it's hand masked paint scheme and just enough natural carbon fiber showing through.
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