Friday, July 9, 2010

Custom 2010 1885

I stopped by Just Riding Along Bike Shop yesterday to pick up a small package. While waiting for Travis, my eyes rolled down the line of bikes that he supports from me. Halfway down the row my scan was stopped at a 2010 1885.

So here is what we have- 2010 B4P 1885 frame set, 2010 Campagnolo Athena build kit, Velocity Aerohead, white rims w/Sapiem Spokes and White Ind hubs(JRABS custom wheel build yields a sub-1600 wheel set), white Ritchey bits and Speedplay pedals.

This bike is for a double amputee that will be heading out on the roads for the Ride Allegheny for Operation Second Chance. Then he'll start training for the Paralympics on his 1885.

Nice build Travis!
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