Friday, September 17, 2010

Legends hanging high at Gran Fondo Cycles.

Ok. That last post didn't come through as smooth as I wanted. I need to figure out the MoSo integration into blog postings; probably should stay with the Blogger App instead of emailing a tweet to this blog.

Last month I was linking together dealer visits through the southeast and stopped by Gran Fondo Cycles to what Lynn had cooking up at the end of the summer. Below are some shop photos from the visit, one of which I particularly like...a custom built Infinito Rival.

Check it out, the blue Infinito Rival on the right. Lynn should do well with the 2011 Sempre too.

Classic banners from past Interbike shows. Il Pirata and Felice keeping watch over the sales floor!

This is one of my favorite Bianchi banners showcasing DeLuca- the Killer! He's on a custom FG Lite frame. Carbon frames where starting to pick up momentum in the cycling world around this time(circa 2006) and he was adamant about riding a communicative, stiff, light frame, not a damp carbon constructed one.

Weighing in at 1050 grams for this FG Lite, and only 10 grams heavier than our rocket ship 2008/2009 T-Cube frame, this frame was as light as some carbon frames on the course at that time. I'm still a huge fan of the old Liquigas Team frames.
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