Friday, January 7, 2011

Another bike I need in my Stable.

My first shop visit of the New Year was at The Bicycle Stable in Philadelphia, PA.

The shop’s owner Chaz, has always been a gear-head aside from only bikes. Motorcycles and rat rods have keep his hands dirty over the years. My first season with Chaz exposed me to one of his projects; a mid-80’s Volvo 240DL wagon fitted with a Mustang 5.0 lump.

hen the winter months slow the shop’s traffic, Chaz’s wheels start turning; what bike will become the next project? Lately this has involved a bike build up of some sort that’s inline with The Bicycle Stable’s clientele and based on our steel single speed San Jose frame.

Wood is good.

At first glance this ox blood red 2009 San Jose looks like a stock bike with the addition of front and rear racks and added fenders. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that this former single speed bike is now a 7 speed internally geared steed.

The rear hub is a Shimano Nexus 7 with a Roller Brake set up.

The left side shifter controls the rear Roller Brake.

As Chaz puts it, ‘It’s a parking brake, haha. Or a security brake, if you don’t have a lock.’ Thieves are sometimes in such a hurry that something as simple as a shifter, set up as a brake lock can slow their getaway or foil their plans all together. 'Sure, why not?' I thought. The stock cantilever brakes have been swapped out in favor of stronger grabbing Shimano V-brakes. Three brakes; front, rear and a parking brake, I like it.

The standard Sugino crank was pulled and an Origin8 and a machined single speed ring and 1/8” KMC chain were added to keep with the rest of the shiny bits.

The guys at Planet Bike have some of the nicest fenders for the avid commuter. This bike would look out of place with an organic looking set of bamboo fenders or a set of high polished ‘eyebrows’ in my opinion. When in doubt, make ‘em black!

The Panaracer Crosstown tires have replaced the stock WTB All-terrainasaurus. This puncture resistant tire is pavement oriented; more than the WTB which has more of a three season tread pattern.

Even if you’re not using a genuine Brooks saddle, a knock off version with rivets on the rear is still nicer than an old mtb or road saddle that looks like it was pulled out of the spare parts bin in the back of the shop.

At the time of my visit, the bike was scheduled to receive a Shimano Dyno LED headlamp. The front hub has already been installed as you may have seen in the earlier photographs.

I have to admit, this has me thinking about building up a ‘market bike’ for the spring season.

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