Thursday, March 24, 2011

1 yr anniversary party for Just Riding Along Bike Shop.

Travis and the guys at JRABS celebrated turning the big, '1' this month.

Here's a clip from the event, [...more]

In addition to a few photos I snapped during the well attended party.

Everyone had lots of food thanks to the Laytonsville District Volunteer Fire Department. The Potomac Peddlers launched a group ride early in the afternoon. When the ride ended at the shop, beverages provided by Sierra Nevada brewing were waiting to be sampled.

Travis is probably explaining to his customer what his new flavors of Clif-Bar would be if he ran the company.

JRABS mechanic. 'nuf said.

(l-r) JRABS crew Chad, Barry, and Travis. Getting ready to cut to the cake. What you can't see out of the frame of this photo... the showroom was packed with more party people. There was a raffle that evening and Bianchi kicked in a San Jose frame set. Sierra Nevada had some t-shirts, and various bike maintenance swag was given away too.

John has a knife and is starting to regret not paying closer attention to fractions in middle school. How many pieces do we need here?

This had to be the best cake I've had in a long time. (sorry babe). Straight up devils food cake, not your bland chocolate or vanilla cake.

(l-r)Chad, Mike, Travis, Barry, me, and John. The Bianchi Bowling Team?

Thanks Travis and Mike for a wonderful first year out of the gate. You slayed it man!
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