Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pedal Chic Grand Opening-Roadways are the new runways.

The beginning of March marked the grand opening/fashion show for Greenville, SC ladies-centric shop, Pedal Chic.

Here's a brief walk through at Pedal Chic the afternoon of the Grand Opening. Things were quite full and a buzz later that evening!

Maintaining the theme of 'Roadways are the new runways', business owner Robin Bylenga assembled her team of fashionistas and summoned my presence for the grand opening.

The 10'x30' stage went together, from what I gathered, rather quickly and in no time, Robin had her mom out there with a paint roller, putting on a coat of black on the freshly built stage.

During business hours, I managed to assemble a couple of bikes and snap some photos of these really cool paintings by local artist Tonya Morris. [click for more...]

Her images are cleaver, witty, deep and zen related.

This one matched nicely with the painting of Big George. The photo of him was a signed piece too.

The decor of Pedal Chic is modern, comfortable and easy to shop. A classic Bianchi Milano Citta sits next to the table.

Pedal Chic handles commuter, road and sport hybrids. Her bag line is also very much in line with the bikes that sit on the floor. I like this bag on the Milano Citta. The hits of celeste on the bag really jump out when on the rear of the Milano.

More artwork from Tonya. Love it!

Pedal Chic's selection of women graced the runway that evening wearing the latest apparel from the world of cycling, tennis, yoga and running. I was the middle man at the head of the back stage, determined to not let any of the bikes fall of the stage as the models handed me their Bianchi Bicycle (other brands from the shop too), strut out to the end of the 30 foot long runway and then back to me for the hand off.

Here's a Dama Infinito in action. You can see in the background of this clip that there were a lot of people there. I'd guess a couple hundred in attendance and many walked over from the surrounding bars and establishments, to sneak a peek of the action.

The masses gathered inside after the fashion show. Quite full but the vibe was high and everyone was loving the beverage sampling and vittles. I'd have to say this was the most powerful presentation I've attended for an opening shop. Robin is obtaining massive local coverage of her business, building her customer base and creating a culture in Greenville, SC which otherwise has been dominated by men.

Here is a piece covering this event by Carolina Cycling News. [more...]

Great work Robin, I'm proud to be of service to you!
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