Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This one goes to 11.

In addition to the previous photo I posted, I shot a mini clip of the bike, along with a few more photos.

As usual, I waited too long to get one of these. Ugh. Upon return from TN, I discovered that we were fresh out of 61cm frames. This is understandable as we typically stock only a pinch full of that size. Personally, it's nice to ride a frame size where there are not too many other of the same model out there. Point being, my 1885 is one of 2 frames for that year in the US...warm fuzzy feeling.

Clayton preparing the frame for the build up.

This one goes to 11. Yeah, yeah, I know that saying is overdone when referring to Campagnolo's 11 speed groupos but I like it! The eagle is sitting high over the tapered head tube; 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" bearing system.

The money shot. A very broad bottom bracket region, BB30 technology (adapter cups used here for the Ultra-Torque crank) and who doesn't love a large eagle on the bottom of their down tube? The chain stay and the top half of the fork are modeled after our D2 Pico TT frame.

The most common question for any avid cyclist who throws a leg over a road bike, "How much does she weight?". I think most guys ask that of everything they use as a shoulder ornament.

2011 Nero Oltre 59cm. (across all sizes, only 8 Nero frames in the US)
Campagnolo Record 11
Campagnolo Neutron wheel set
Deda 100 stem
Deda 100 handlebar
Fizik bar tape celeste
Fizik Aerione saddle white/celeste stripe
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