Monday, January 7, 2013

Correct tool for the job- Bianchi Infinito & Impulso on the 2012 Rapha Festive 500.

Winter time, base miles- Rapha throws out their Festive 500 to cyclists willing to take challenge of clocking in and doing 500 miles from 12/23 to 12/31.

Long miles in the saddle and a short time to do such. Keeping comfortable while on the bike can be acheived with a little help of the Bianchi Infinito and Impulso This goal is reached by a taller head tube length and longer than B4P wheelbase, K-VID Tech in the fork and seat stays, and finally a relaxed head tube angle for reduced shoulder/ neck strain during those long miles.

 Check out these two guys as they work on chipping away at the 500 mile mark during their mapped out Rapha Festive 500, from Canada to California.

I joke with my wife that I'm proficient with self portraits due to my monkey arms. Looks like Gary Cruz has me beat with his monopod and had a good time putting in the miles.

Nice edit Gary!
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