Monday, November 11, 2013

Would you consider this?

An unavoidable component with my job is travel.

While I obviously have responsibilities such as family, career and personal wellness, getting outside my bubble, is one of  the most exhilarating things in my life. Visiting new and old shops, the people who run them, the next town I'm in- eating dinner at the bar and making small talk with the tie wearing person next to me, and the relationships sowed at the events I attend in support of my shops and/or the ones we sponsor.

I feel that much of the stress that ppl put on themselves is due to a lack of understanding of others and a failure to accept the times when someone else inconveniences themselves or breaks their pace.

Traveling has taught me to loosen my grip a bit more the bar tape of life, sit in for a lap or two and realized that there are other ppl in this land besides ME.

Make 2014 your year of NOW for traveling, not SOMEDAY--->

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