Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting the SOK ready for 2010.

Working for a company as cool as this one has it's perks; like access to Pro-Tour level road bikes, warm, buttery smooth riding steel niche' bikes and head_down_and_grind_it_out_at the sound of the bell bikes. Every now and then the bike handling skills need to be sharpened beyond what a skinny tire bicycle could provide. That's when I hop on my mountain bike.

The bike in the photo above is mostly stock with the exception of cockpit upgrades to the saddle, headset, stem and handlebar. Since then I've converted it to tubeless, upgraded the rubber both front and rear all awhile managing to shave two pound off the bike. XC 29rs are all about putting the bike on a diet the moment it's out of the box and on the bike stand.

This afternoon, I dropped the bike off at a shop in Abington, Pa for more mods to suit my desires. A fork overhaul/rebuild, bigger brake rotor on the front and service to the braking system were all scheduled. I should get the bike back mid-next week. I'll have a write up on the modifications in great details and why I chose them.


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