Thursday, July 22, 2010

2011 Bianchi Bicycles- B4P, D2 Cyclo-cross

This month we're shipping out our 2011 B4P Sempre...or as we'll refer to it from here on out; The Sempre.

Personally, I have two shops in my territory who will be taking delivery of the 2011 boy racer bike-- Gran Fondo Cycles in Nashville, TN and Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop in Laytonsville, MD.

Retail on the bike is...arrh, not just yet, you'll have to call the shop to get that detail but I will say this again (many times)-- this bike frame is ahead of many bikes from the big dogs in this price range. With the Sempre, you're paying less and getting more in quality; UHM carbon and Nano-Tech, Not a plastic frame with upgraded components. Because in the sprint, a stiffer frame gets you to the line, not the next level up derailleur.

2011 will also bring a face lift for our Cross-Terrain bikes. As pioneers of this category, we are updating the frame design on the Cortina, Torino and Iseo bikes. Verona=r.i.p. Classic colorways and graffics will be at the forefront of these models along with the category name change to 'Turismo'.

Another category of major focus are our D2 bikes; precisely the cyclo-cross models. Stepping back from our mountain bikes, we're shifting the focus on dirt, over to the drop bar nobby bikes. New paint, historic names and groupos will maintain the buzz for our loyal 'cross dealers.

I'm amped for this baby! The Zurigo-- Named after the place in Switzerland where Renato Longo netted his 5th CX world championship victory way back in 1967. The Zurigo is aimed at the working class 'cross racer; offering them the ability to race on Sunday, commute on Monday.

After a 3 year hiatus, SRAM is back on our cyclo-cross bike. This powerful component brand is well respected and utilized through out the cyclo-cross racing community thanks to its 'Zero-Loss' cable pull ratio, stout lever construction and communicative shifting while you bounce across the course. This SRAM Apex build kit gives you the flexibility of low range off road gearing with the high end gearing of a road bike.

2011 Zurigo availability is mid-August.
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