Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A grill, a wheel and a friend.

My travels near the end of July brought me to Proteus Bicycles for their Summer Garden BBQ.

They've been growing some peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers in a garden next to the shop. Always contributing to the 'community involvement' part of cycling, Jill and Yo decided to have over some close biking friends, customers and myself to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And some burgers and dogs too!

The weather turned out to be perfect for the evening.

The rearward wall of the building was turned into a bike art display. Attendees signed the section to the right of the black center mat. The center of the mat had a magnifying glass over a small earth, asking the question, 'How big are we?'

Yo tending to the grill in the background. The Proteus garden was ripe for the pickings!

Grilled veggies, burgers and hot dogs. The summer salad was my favorite, gimme that whole bowl!

Jill, Yo and Ben talking bike. At this point, Ben looks like he's bit his tongue. Arh!

As the night moved on, I gathered everyone under the tents for some Q&A on Bianchi Bicycles. This photo is a bit earlier in the evening, more arrived once the sun went down; the group was ready to win some swag. I peppered everyone with some Bianchi trivia questions, stirred up their conscious with a bit of history about the 125 year old Italian brand and had some proud swag winners when it was all said and done. In short, Proteus has done well with their selling of the brand to their friends and customers.

Thanks guys and hope to see you at Interbike next month!
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