Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2011 Bianchi Zurigo shake down write up.

Bart at South Park Cycles has a few Zurigos at the shop. He's put some laps on this new 2011 model and here's his take on the bike.

Now tried and tested is the Bianchi Zurigo Cyclocross bike. For $1599 you get an aluminum frame, carbon fork and Sram Apex shifter and drivetrain kit. First impression was the bike handled great. The bike held a great line whether on off camber downhill or climb. I spent about and hour and a half on this stead and this was my first real ride on Sram drop bar components. I had no issues adapting to the shifting and the Apex shifted flawlessly. The other nice touches to the bike are the additional bar brake levers and the ability to add racks to either the rear or fork of the bike. This is not just a great reasonably priced cross bike but also a versatile commuter or touring bike as well. These also have been added to the rental fleet.

Thanks Bart!

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