Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black is back.

One of our regular patrons at the company pub is the 2011 Pista. With two color options in 2011, white paint with a red panel graphic (like the Vigorelli) or gloss black with a creme panel, this classic steel bike keeps getting better with age.

The steel Pista is sporting a new crank from FSA. Inspection of the crank from 10 feet away, it looks like a Campy throw back to the Nuovo Record days. The gold chain ring bolts are definite hints from this era. And utilizing a square tapered bottom bracket spindle. The square taper bb axle opens up possibilities for upgrades down the road.

The Alex Solo track wheel set is stout spec for the Pista. This bike will see more urban use than Velodrome so having a strong, reliable wheel set is important. The last thing you need is to return to your LBS after buying your new fixed gear because the bike company spec'd a cheap wheel set just so they can sell a cheaper priced bike.

Even still, it's a great starter bike for those aspiring to spend some time at their local Velodrome.
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