Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From bike sharrows to shoofly pie.

It took a rainy day after Memorial Day to realize that I had a handful of photos that never made their way into a post over here. 

Last month, the owners of Proteus Bicycles in College Park, MD decided to play hookie on a sunny Friday and drive up to the land of shoofly pie and Amish buggies in order to test ride the latest Bianchi Infinito bikes. Laurie and Jeff have been super busy the past two seasons since taking on ownership of the shop; so given a chance to get away to ride some new bikes, I didn't have to ask twice.

Jeff rode the Ultegra Di2 Infinito. Quite the anomaly from his daily commuter. He is very active in the DC commuting world and you can follow along with Jeff at his Greenbelt Patch blog.... here!  We traveled pretty much the same route I did with the Bikenetic guys, earlier that month.

 Laurie, rode the 50cm Infinito Ultegra and was pretty excited by the speed and fluidity of the bike. Her daily rider is a Bianchi Zurigo which got the ball rolling for her love of the brand. She bought it back when Jill and Yo owned the bike shop. Such a great customer-to-owner story that she and Jeff share. 

A self portrait of Laurie and me. Next time out, Jeff swears he's bringing his Go-Pro camera to document the beauty of the Lancaster farm lands. I think he just wants to copy the design of the scooters he saw the Amish running around on that day. Ha!

Never the less, you guys are always welcomed up here!
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